Aaron: Perseverance and Hard Work


By Aaron Garcia

Coming to Canada at the age of 14 took a lot of strength and self-discipline for me. Leaving my friends and my family back home and starting somewhere new always has its challenges and its rewards.

For me, both the challenges and the rewards were dance. At age 19, my older sister, Angel, thought that auditioning for an all-male dance training program called “The Male Initiative” would help me to build on my new found love for dance. Eager to learn, I went to the audition not knowing a single soul and having the dance skills of a beginner. I remember being on the stage just telling myself, "Hey, you're here now, there's no going back...just go for it".

After finding out that I didn't get into the program, I was a bit disappointed until I continued reading the email which then stated that I was awarded a one-month scholarship to train with Shavar. That one month changed my outlook on dance and on myself as a new dancer. When the scholarship came to an end, I kept taking Shavar's classes non-stop until the next season of The Male Initiative ("TMI"). Not wanting to miss a day of opportunity to better myself as a person and dancer, I trained hard. I felt every emotion possible during those 6 months before the next audition. From the fear of not knowing whether or not this is all worth it or if I'm even good enough, to "Wow I love dancing, I can't wait to learn a new routine tomorrow".

Finally, the next auditions of TMI came around. Through perseverance and hard work, the outcome: I've finally made it. All the training paid off and I couldn't have been happier. I knew that this is only the beginning of challenges, it only gets harder from here. I was still eager to give it my all and really come out as a new man and as a new dancer.

by Aaron Garcia